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Beep iDevice is an application that helps you manage your Apple devices.

The idea is really simple - on each of your iDevices have a list of all other devices that you own. Pressing the device name in the list will make the selected device play loud sound.

You can add your kids or other family member devices to same account in order to find iPads/iPods/iPhones when they are somewhere in the house.

Save time when finding lost iPhone, iPad or iPod - use Beep iDevice!

Using Beep iDevice is really simple:
Download Beep iDevice on each of your devices

On one of the devices, create account with your email adress and password

Login on each of the devices to the same account (email adress and password that was just registered)

When logged-in, press "+" sign on each of the devices you wish to add to current account

Thats it! When you want to beep any of your device - just press the device name in the list - it will make iPhone/iPad/iPhone play sound.

Please notice that application uses push notifications in order to work. So your devices must be connected to internet and grant permissions for application in push notification settings. Also, please make sure, that the device is not muted, and the volume ajuster is not set to minimum.

This application is clean as it looks from screen shots:
We do not present any ads (ad-free)
We do not send any annoying push notifications
We do not send you any emails with our app news.
We do not collect any user specific information
We do not use any SDK's to collect user/device actions

No dirty-stuff in the background!

Screen shot of mic for airplay

screenshot for mic for airplay

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